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Silencing the Inner Critic – Guest Post by Kathy Keats

Agility is a wonderful source of surprising connections for me as a writer and coach (including finding a publisher for AWB at a dog agility trial.)  Kathy Keats is one of the marvelous people I’ve found through agility whose wisdom extends beyond agility. Kathy’s coaching applies to people who want to excel in any sport, […]

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Pass the Critic

Susan, a student in my Entering the Flow class this summer, mentioned a great exercise she’d done in Rebecca Kanner’s single-session Loft class, Silencing the Inner Critic. I thought the exercise sounded like a brilliant way to see the Saboteur from a different perspective and asked Rebecca to write a guest post about it. Here […]

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Two Faces of the Saboteur

Most writers think of the Saboteur as the harsh inner critic, but the softer, more seductive side of the Saboteur is far more insidious.

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