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Why It Doesn’t Matter If Your Writing Is Any Good

On any given day, you can’t tell whether you’ll string words into powerful prose/evocative poetry or if you’ll just move crap around on the screen/page, making a mess that doesn’t add up to anything. It doesn’t matter. To write well, first you have to write. To write at all, you have to be willing to […]

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Did You Forget Someone on Valentine’s Day?

I’m sure you remembered all the people you love – but did you remember your writer self? You know, the part of you that loves to write, but so rarely gets the chance to write what you’re truly passionate about in a way that is deeply satisfying. If you’ve slighted your writer self, a half-price […]

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Don’t Worry About Writer’s Block: You Have Wings!

You have wings! Every time you throw yourself into space propelled by trust in the Divine and your willingness to express has been given to you to share, your wings grow stronger, your heart sings louder and your spirit soars higher.

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