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Why 50,000 Is Not the Magic #NaNoWriMo Number

To paraphrase of Bullwinkle, “Watch me pull 50,000 words out of my hat.” For those of us who don’t write a novel a month on a regular basis, that snarling lion is our lateral habenula growling at the over-optimistic Bullwinkle part of our brain, “I’m going to do what? Sounds like 50,000 ways to fail. […]

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Writing Failure Lesson #1: Don’t!

Thomas Edison’s observation that he had not failed, he’d found 700 ways that didn’t work (or 1,000 or 10,000 depending on the source) is remembered because it is unexpected. Edison’s lesson from failure was to refuse to see it. Most of us couldn’t endure finding 700 ways not to do something. Most of us get […]

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