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Seven Levels of Writing Feedback

Previous posts have identified inappropriate feedback as a cause of writer’s block (or  other forms of resistance) and established that the writer should determine what level and type of feedback her/his writing receives. What you need now is a common understanding of what to call different levels of feedback with other writers you exchange feedback […]

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Do You Know What Your Writing Needs?

When a piece of writing is “hot,” that is, when it’s fresh from your imagination onto the screen or page, you don’t really want or need critique. Like a cake just out of the oven, a new piece of writing will lose its shape and flavor if it’s poked at too soon. The level of […]

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How to Avoid Wrecking Ball Feedback

In response to the previous post, “Feedback Should Be a Crystal Ball, Not a Wrecking Ball,” Paige McKinney observed, “Sometimes wrecking balls seem magnetic, and once they’ve hit, a writer’s stuck. Any advice on how to let go or fight the pull?” I’ll talk about how to recover from “feedback fallout” – writer’s block and […]

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