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Eight Essentials Every Writer Must Master – Part 3

The previous post identified Essential #4 Care For Your Creative Brain. One of the things that creative brain of yours needs to do is to: 5. Understand and respect the stages of the creative process. Although it is possible to stumble through the creative process without understanding it, writing is so much easier, effective and […]

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Eight Essentials Every Writer Must Master – Part 2

3. Revise and rewrite. As previously posted, Essential #2 is the willingness to write a shitty first draft. But just because you write a shitty first draft, doesn’t mean you should inflict it on anyone else. Acknowledging that all first drafts are shitty logically implies that every writer must revise and rewrite (except perhaps Isaac […]

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Eight Essentials Every Writer Must Master

1.  Show up! The other seven essentials will tell you what to do when you show up, but the most important step is to devote time to writing. Everything comes from simply showing up consistently. You must have the integrity to honor a clearly stated writing commitment. I’m NOT suggesting you have to write for […]

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