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New Book Update: My Early Attempts to Embrace Uncertainty

I’m embracing uncertainty. Admittedly, I’m embracing it with the one-handed, two-second pat-his-back-and-push-back kind of hug you give an uncle you never really liked far more than with the open-hearted, lingering enfolding you give your Beloved. But it’s a start. I’m in First Insight (described in chapter 4 of Around the Writer’s Block). This is the […]

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Feeling Blocked? Don’t Know What’s Next? Don’t Worry!

Writers are more likely to feel blocked when they’re trying to start a new piece of writing and don’t where to start or when they first get into a piece and don’t know where to go next. But not knowing is not the problem. It is the combination of not knowing AND thinking that you’re […]

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