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Don’t Know Where to Go Next With Your Writing? Congratulations! You’re on the Verge of a Breakthrough!

I’m fascinated by how we go from not knowing to knowing. Think about it. Everything you’ve ever written, everything anyone has ever written came from we-don’t-know-exactly-where. There was a time when those words, ideas, images, those characters didn’t exist. Then someone made scratches on a page or tapped out letters on a keyboard and entire […]

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Why Not Let Your Mind Wander? TEDx Talk

What do you think? Did I and my fellow presenters nail our TEDx Talks? Find all ten presentations on TEDx Mahtomedi’s website and let me know which are your favorites. My mission was to explain why letting your mind wander free-range without agenda or distractions is essential to creativity, how the proliferation of ever-present electronic […]

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