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Mindful Eating = Mindful Writing

I just ate breakfast. Before you assume this is a self-absorbed, Tweet-style post, let me clarify: I only ate breakfast. I didn’t eat while reading my email or watching TV. I didn’t mindlessly swallow a bowlful of unnoticed food while reading the paper, a novel, magazine or Facebook. I didn’t get dressed between bites or […]

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What Writers Get Out of Meditation

Meditation – the third component of self-care – offers a host of benefits including reducing stress and reversing the ill effects of stress, improving mood, increasing creativity and reducing resistance. But one of the most significant benefits of meditation for writers is that it enhances empathy. Writers are in the empathy business. When we write prose, […]

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Drop and Give Me 15!

Fifteen minutes of productive writing time that is. Turns out our creativity is intimately intertwined with our physical health and well-being. How wrong we were when we believed in the separation of body and brain. When I was a kid, the prevailing view was that not only were intelligence and physical prowess separate, they were […]

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