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10 Reasons Sleep Improves Writing

Writers need sleep. It is one of the five forms of Self-care that are essential to optimizing your brain. (Get support in developing Self-care habits) By sleep, I don’t mean getting just enough to keep dragging your sorry self through the day. I mean making the necessary changes in your life to get enough good […]

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10 Reasons Every Writer Should Have a Dog

Sound familiar? Well it is summer and that means re-runs. Here’s why I’m repeating a previously published post: I talked with my editor about revisions on Around the Writer’s Block last week and that’s where my focus is right now. I tried drafting a new post today but realized it’s just not ready for prime-time […]

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True Confession: Lately I’ve Been (Gasp)…

Playing and sleeping more. That’s right, I’ll admit it. Let my Puritan ancestors roll in their graves, let the Mrs. Kravitzes (from Bewitched) of the world gossip. For almost a week, Minneapolis has been blessed with cooler temperatures and tolerable humidity levels. I’ve been taking full advantage of this by playing outside more and sleeping […]

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10 Reasons Every Writer Should Have a Dog

 That’s our new puppy Kelda with Blue, my agility star.  A dog is not something you acquire lightly. I know it’s probably not practical for EVERY writer to have a dog; maybe you could get these benefits from a kitten or a child or a child-like adult. Or you could borrow a friend’s dog every once […]

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