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How Trustworthy Are You?

To write what you truly want to write, you must take creative risks. You have to keep moving forward when you’re uncertain. You have to expose your creative self. You have to claim your own voice and simultaneously stay open to learning new tools and techniques. You have to embrace your crazy, clichéd ideas (all […]

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From Commitment to Writing Habit

A sustainable writing habit is more important than luck or talent, more powerful than discipline or will power. Your writing habit begins with commitments and the will power to honor your commitments — not hopes, good intentions or vague promises of “Someday when I have time.” Eventually, you create a habit, which is the neurological […]

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Are You a Trustworthy Writer?

To an editor, a trustworthy writer is one who delivers what s/he promised by the due date, has confirmed the accuracy of the content and skillfully crafted it. To readers, a trustworthy writer is one who delivers what they expect. But what does it mean to trust yourself as a writer? You need confidence in […]

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Cancel Resolutions and Rebuild Trust to Reduce Writer’s Resistance

My previous post showed you why New Year’s Resolutions are dangerous for writers. So cancel any resolutions you may have made and read on…. Breaking promises to yourself damages your trust in yourself, increases resistance and makes it harder to do what will work for your writing. Norman Mailer points out in The Spooky Art: […]

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