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Certainty is a Certain Route to Resistance

Don’t know where you’re going? Excellent! Not sure how you’ll get there? Outstanding! On your way anyway? Kudos! Know everything? My condolences. But take heart in the fact that you’ll be able to get back to not knowing eventually. Most resistance is caused by fear. And fear of the unknown is the biggest fear of […]

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Eight Essentials Every Writer Must Master – Part 3

The previous post identified Essential #4 Care For Your Creative Brain. One of the things that creative brain of yours needs to do is to: 5. Understand and respect the stages of the creative process. Although it is possible to stumble through the creative process without understanding it, writing is so much easier, effective and […]

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Will It Really Be a New Year?

The New Year promises a fresh start, but only if we truly bring the current year to a close.

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