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Nothing Beats Writer’s Block Like Doing Nothing

Writer’s block consists of exerting an excruciating amount of energy to accomplish nothing. I suggest you skip the painful part, and do nothing right from the start. Writers need plenty of time to do nothing and do it well. Brenda Ueland intuited the value of time to do nothing back in 1938 when she wrote […]

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Sometimes Nothing is Really Something

When his wife asked him what he was doing in the garage all day, Ted, who is recently retired, told her he was doing nothing. “I thought you did that yesterday,” his wife protested. “I wasn’t done,” Ted replied. Everyone laughed at Ted’s story, but I thought, “What an intriguing idea – to do nothing […]

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Nothing Beats the Power of Nothing

In a previous post I suggested that sometimes the best thing to is nothing. I have new evidence for the power of “doing nothing.” Studies show that when rats experience something new, their brains create new patterns of activity. Nothing unexpected there, but here’s the kicker: to create a long-term memory, in other words, to really learn […]

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