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The Great Truth Every Writer Needs to Know

When we accept that writing is hard and stop expecting it to be easy, it gets easier.

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What If Writing Is Easier than You Think?

When Claudia and I realize we might be making something more difficult than it has to be, one of us will ask, “What if it’s quick, easy and now?” It’s a wonderful question. My first coach, Val Olson, gave it to me years ago. I’d spent an entire coaching session affirming my commitment to tenaciously […]

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Why Write At All?

My last post claimed that failure is the only option for writers. If I’m correct that writers are destined to fail and the best we can hope for is the perseverance to fail and fail again until we transform a series of failures into something we are satisfied with, why on earth do we write? […]

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For Writers, Failure Is the Only Option

Writing is hard. You’re going to fail. At first. With luck, you’ll fail again. With a little luck, persistence and a whole lot of hard work, you’ll fail again and again until you transform a series of failures into something that satisfies you. Failure is the only option for writers. The only alternative to a […]

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