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How to Stop Giving Up Your Writing Time: Guest Post by Colleen M. Story

I found a new source of writing inspiration on Twitter’s MondayBlogs.  I particularly love it when I see a post from Colleen M. Story’s Writing and Wellness blog. And I kinda hate it because as I read Colleen’s post, I keep thinking “Exactly. This is so true. I should have written this.” Then I realize […]

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10 Reasons to Show Up for Your Writing Today

By Rosanne Bane Showing up for your writing might mean drafting or revising, but it also means doing any of the other things that are essential to writing: research, reading, mind-mapping, clustering, brainstorming with other people, sketching a character, doing a writing exercise, creating a timeline, transcribing interview notes, and so on. Even if you […]

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