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Please Adjust Your Own Mask Before Attempting to Help Others

By Rosanne Bane I was out of town last week for a family emergency and on the flight home, I finally got an explanation for why flight attendants demonstrate how to use a seat belt. (I’ve always thought, “Really, you’re going to show us how to use a seat belt? Is there anyone on the plane […]

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Stop Stopping Yourself

By Rosanne Bane My friend Melissa and I were laughing about how silly our rebellious natures can be – especially when we get “oppositionally defiant” with ourselves. (Oppositional defiance is a significant disorder for children and adolescents, but when you’re our age and you’re only defying yourself, it’s pretty silly.) “I hate it when I […]

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If You Want to Write Well, You Have to Be Willing to Write Badly

A prime source of writing resistance is the desire to write good stuff. And the demand to produce perfect writing is a guaranteed, one-way trip to Resistance City. So how we do write good stuff, if just wanting it means we’ll trigger our resistance? We sidle up to it. We surrender the desire for any […]

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Initial Inertia

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a body at rest tends to stay at rest. The Writer’s Corollary is that a person not writing tends to continue not writing. Add any expectation to this initial inertia – that the writing be good, that you complete something significant today, that you write a predetermined number of […]

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Don’t Take Yourself Seriously Part 3: Keep Your Promises

I can’t tell you exactly how you’ll discern your Self from your self and how you’ll finesse the balance between your ego-self and your True Self . But one guideline I find helpful is to always honor the promises you make to yourself and others. When you honor a commitment you make, you strengthen your awareness of […]

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Don’t Take Yourself Seriously Part 2: Ego, Maslow and All That

      While you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously, you must take your Self seriously.   I’m talking about the distinction between your (lower case s) self and your (capital S) Self, aka your True Self or Spirit. (If you’re curious, I discuss Carl Jung’s distinction between the larger Self and the ego-self and […]

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Don’t Take Yourself Seriously Part 1: Angels Fly Because They Take Themselves Lightly

  “Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.” That’s lesson #4 in Regina Brett’s Life Lessons and a good thing to remember when you’re fighting resistance, especially perfection-induced resistance. You know the “I can’t write that, it’ll sound stupid” or “I’ve got to get this right, right now!” thinking that freezes your creative […]

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