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Announcement: New Coaching Opportunities (to Resolve Writer’s Block)

Now that I’ve completed the first draft of Around the Writer’s Block, I can open a few more coaching appointment times to new clients. I enjoy coaching as much as I enjoy drafting (the way you love your kids or pets in different, but equal ways), so I’m delighted to be able to open my […]

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Are You Really Using the Process Cure for Writer’s Block?

What brings one writer to a creative and playful state of mind won’t work for every other writer. When an activity is Process for you, you are engaged and focused, but it’s a soft focus, more diffuse and flexible than the intense focus of Product Time.

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Want to End Writer’s Block? Stop Feeding the Saboteur!

Do you hear the whisper of self-doubt or the roar of criticism whenever you even think about writing? Do you have a collection of excuses and reasons not to write? Do you have other behaviors and beliefs that undermine your writing? That’s the Saboteur at work. But you don’t have to let the Saboteur run […]

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Really! Pay No Attention to that Writer’s Block Behind the Curtain (Part 2)

The less attention you pay to resistance, the better. What you don’t want to do is wring your hands and work yourself into a lather of worry and doom.

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Pay No Attention to that Writer’s Block Behind the Curtain

When the Wizard of Oz says “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,” we know that’s exactly what Dorothy, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Tin Man should look at. But paying attention to writer’s block and other forms of resistance is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have to know what your […]

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Mea Culpa and Credit Where Credit Is Due

I’d rather get it right the first time, but I’ve finally realized that it is far better to take action and make a mistake (followed by sincere effort to correct the mistake) than to do nothing because I’m afraid of making a mistake. The expectation of perfection is a common source of writing resistance; it’s also impossible to achieve and makes us miserable.

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Don’t Worry About Writer’s Block: You Have Wings!

You have wings! Every time you throw yourself into space propelled by trust in the Divine and your willingness to express has been given to you to share, your wings grow stronger, your heart sings louder and your spirit soars higher.

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Writer’s Block or Transition Failure

I just emailed the first complete draft for Around the Writer’s Block to my editor Gaby with a cc to my agent Michelle. Four weeks early! I “should” be excited, ecstatic even. I’m not. I called Claudia to tell her I’d just emailed the book. After she congratulated me, she added “I kinda wanted to be […]

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