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Revised Definitions of Revision and Resistance

Re-vise: def to re-tighten the screws on a vise attached to your head. (Definition suggested by Kurtis Scaletta.) Re-vision: def to see differently because of the tears brought to your eyes by the tightening of the vise on your head. Re-sist: def to insist, despite all evidence to the contrary, that what is, is not […]

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Word Counts Work – In 1 Out of 6 Stages Part 2

In my previous post, I explained that setting a goal for writing so many words a day can only work in one out of the six stages of the creative process and provided a brief review of the first three stages. You’ll find that one-out-of-six stage in the remaining three stages. Stage 4: Illumination This […]

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Word Counts Work – In 1 Out of 6 Stages

Setting a goal to write so many words a day (as Stephen King and many other writers do) can work for you, but only when you’re generating new material. That might seem obvious, but keep in mind, there are six stages in the creative process and in only one of those six stages do you […]

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If It Works for a Famous Writer, Shouldn’t It Work for Me?

We need to understand how the creative process really works. And since few of us get a decent education in that, we often look to famous authors to be our role models. We assume that whatever works for a famous writer should work for every writer. If Stephen King writes 2,500 words a day, 365 […]

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Stop Shoulding Yourself into Writer’s Block

Writer’s resistance often comes from fear, but sometimes it comes from not understanding and respecting the creative process and our own unique way of working within that process. We get wrapped up in how we think we should write and worried that we’re doing it wrong. “I should have this figured it out by now.” […]

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Seriously Uncommit Yourself

The previous post, Want More Time to Write? Uncommit Yourself!, was tongue-in-cheek because if you can laugh about yourself and your commitments, you can decide to do something positive about the serious consequences of being overcommitted. Sometimes we truly have so much to do and so many commitments to honor, we don’t know which end […]

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Want More Time to Write? Uncommit Yourself

Feeling overwhelmed? Have so many things on your To Do list you don’t know where to start? Tempted to postpone your writing – again – so you can take care of all those other things that somehow you ended up being responsible for? You need the new, patented UnCommit Yourself Method to create spare time! […]

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Announcement: Full Lineup of Online and In-Person Fall Classes at the Loft Open for Registration with New and Improved Database

The Loft’s new database allows you to search for classes by teaching artist, genre, course level, course duration, location or starting month. So if you want to see what classes I’m teaching, you just go to and select Bane, Rosanne from the Teaching Artist drop down list and click Find Classes. Or use any […]

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Feedback Can Cause or Cure Writer’s Block

As I mentioned in my previous post, feedback can be dangerous. Without direction, feedback can become veiled (and sometimes not so veiled) criticism and judgment that slams the brakes on your writing. Even well-meaning praise can block you. We need feedback to know where our writing is working and where it isn’t, but we need […]

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