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Announcement: Free Writing Classes!

This maybe one of the best kept secrets in the Twin Cities! With funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, the Loft Literary Center and Hennepin County Libraries have collaborated to create a series of free “First Pages” writing workshops taught by Loft Teaching Artists. You can take any of several different one-hour […]

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Track Your Way Past Writer’s Block to Writing Success

Writing habits trump resistance. If you want to make it easier to write and write regularly, you need writing habits. (I suggest regularly showing up for short sessions of Process, Product Time and Self-care as the basic habits every writer should give her/himself.) To create or improve your writing habits (or to change any other […]

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Avoid Writer’s Block with Weekly Check-ins

“Part of what helps me stick with my writing is the chance to reset my commitments every week when I check-in with my writing buddies. If I fall off the wagon (in other words if I don’t do everything I committed to doing), I get back much sooner. It’s easier to get back into the […]

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Good News! You Can Still Enter the Flow!

I told you my online Loft class, Entering the Flow, was scheduled to start yesterday, September 19, 2011, but I was mistaken. The class actually starts next Monday, September 26. This means you still have time to register! You can still join us as we explore how to enter the flow state — you know, […]

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Pass the Critic

Susan, a student in my Entering the Flow class this summer, mentioned a great exercise she’d done in Rebecca Kanner’s single-session Loft class, Silencing the Inner Critic. I thought the exercise sounded like a brilliant way to see the Saboteur from a different perspective and asked Rebecca to write a guest post about it. Here […]

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Embrace Mistakes to Sidestep Writer’s Block

Writers hate to make mistakes in print and the fear of that is a common source of resistance. But Niels Bohr defined an expert as a person who “has made all the mistakes that can be made in a narrow field.” I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I don’t think I’m anywhere near making […]

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Real Revision

Don’t resist rewriting; good writing comes from rewriting. You have to see what’s really there before you can change what’s there.

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