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When to Shift Your Brain into “Creative Overdrive”

The previous post illustrated why creativity demands you shift from an active prefrontal cortex to a quiet prefrontal cortex and explained how you do that. That leaves us with the question of when to shift brain states. I haven’t found a lot of research on what specific areas of the brain you want active or […]

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Do You Know How to Shift Your Brain to “Creative OverDrive”?

Remember that writing project that you stalled out on (or are currently stalled with)? The one you just couldn’t get any traction on because your brain is in neutral or reverse? Obviously, you need to shift gears to a creative brain state to get moving on that again. The trouble is there isn’t just one […]

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Discerning Writer’s Guide to Revision

To revise your writing, of course you must evaluate it. But evaluating is not the same as judging. Judging engages your mental filters and you stop seeing what’s really there. Once you assume something is good, you start seeing all the good things about it. Even neutral aspects will seem positive and negative aspects will […]

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How Do You Revise Without Letting the Saboteur Attack?

Revision requires that we see our writing for what it is: an approximation of our intended meaning and effect. We’re trying to recreate the same ideas and emotions in the reader that we experienced, to induce the same neurological state of consciousness, and we can’t do more than approximate that. The page will never hold […]

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Is Your Saboteur Blocking Your Revision?

When J. J. Austrian asked “What’s the difference between the Saboteur and legit self-criticism?” he correctly implied that we have to be able to review and critique our work with an objective eye. Good writing comes from rewriting. He also correctly implied that self-criticism can open the door to the destruction of the Saboteur. (Read […]

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Writing, How Do I Resist Thee? Let Me Count the Ways… A Guest Post by Natalie Blake

Natalie Blake, an online instructor at the College City, shares her “field research” on the many forms of writing resistance. I stumbled on the Bane Of Your Resistance blog by accident, but after reading through her description of resistance, I decided Rosanne has been peeking over my shoulder. Boy, did she peg me but good! […]

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Eight Essentials Every Writer Must Master – Part 4

7. Read! I never discourage anyone who has even a passing fancy of being a writer. But I have to admit that if someone told me s/he wanted to be a writer but hated to read, I’d be at a loss for what to say. Reading and writing are part of the one whole. Writing […]

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Eight Essentials Every Writer Must Master – Part 3

The previous post identified Essential #4 Care For Your Creative Brain. One of the things that creative brain of yours needs to do is to: 5. Understand and respect the stages of the creative process. Although it is possible to stumble through the creative process without understanding it, writing is so much easier, effective and […]

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