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Creativity coach, writing and creative process instructor, speaker, author of Around the Writer's Block: Using Brain Science to Write the Way You Want (Penguin/Tarcher 2012) and Dancing in the Dragon's Den (Red Wheel Weiser), Teaching Artist at the Loft Literary Center.

Writing, How Do I Resist Thee? Let Me Count the Ways… A Guest Post by Natalie Blake

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Natalie Blake, an online instructor at the College City, shares her “field research” on the many forms of writing resistance.

I stumbled on the Bane Of Your Resistance blog by accident, but after reading through her description of resistance, I decided Rosanne has been peeking over my shoulder. Boy, did she peg me but good!

On her About This Blog page, she lists the ways resistance can rear its ugly head. I think she hit them – and me – 100%.


I am an expert procrastinator. I have to pay bills. Okay, I get that, but do I have to pay next month’s bill’s, too? The floor is dirty. Before I know it, I’m Spring Cleaning, and it is February. For heaven’s sake, what is a girl to do?

Allowing Yourself to Be Distracted or Inventing Distractions

I invented inventing distractions. I define distractions. I create new distractions. I re-use distractions. I get overwhelmed by distractions. And when I can’t think of new distractions, I get other people to distract me. The news distracts me. The dogs distract me.

Where was I? Oh, that’s right, getting distracted. Now what was I saying about that?

Demanding Perfection

It is a good article. Nope. It is not good enough. I will toss it and start again. I read another article on the subject. Of course, it is better than mine. Forget it. I will write about something else.

Looking for Answers in the Refrigerator

I have looked in the garden, the closets, the floors, the laundry, the walls, the windows, the grocery store… The answer to my plot or structure problem must be somewhere else because it is not here, wherever here is.

Assuming You Must Have Big Blocks of Time to Write

I have a 300 word article to write. Piece of cake. But first, I have to get in the mood. I have to think of an idea and do the research. I need at least two hours, maybe three or four.

Oh, come on. I should be able to knock that out in no time at all — if I can just have two or three hours to get my head straight.

And while I am at it, I spilled something on the floor in the kitchen, so I guess I will have to mop all the floors again and vacuum while I am at it. No, wait, that belongs under keeping busy. Sorry about that.

Keeping Yourself so Busy there’s No Time to Write 

You should see my to-do list. I have a note that is nothing but a list of notes.

I have to go grocery shopping on Wednesday, so I make a list on Sunday. I lose the list, so I have to do it all again on Tuesday. I decide I should plan my meals better. Maybe I will get back into baking. It takes all day to make some meals. By the time I finish concocting ideas, I run out of time – and luck. No writing today. I am exhausted.

Being Unable to Keep Your Butt in the Chair

You know, I would feel better if I jogged a little. I have been meaning to get into shape. I can think about writing while I am jogging three miles. Hey, while I am at it, why not five?

When I get back, I need a shower. You know, I cannot remember the last time I scrubbed the shower. I know that is under keeping busy, but it goes here, too.

Vowing to Write Just as Soon as You Get Your Sock Drawer Sorted

Okay, I don’t have that many socks, so I guess this will not interfere. However, I really do need to rearrange my closet. I should go through everything and gather things for charity. I haven’t done that in a long time. You get the picture.

Deciding to Tweet Instead of Working on Your Poetry or Screenplay

How Tweet it is. Any port in a storm. There is Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Orkut… The list is endless.

While I am at it, I could look around for more blogs to follow and add writing more guest posts to my list of things to do.

Okay, Rosanne, the game is up. I am going to get on my duff right now and write!

Note from Rosanne: I think you just did, Natalie — thanks!

Natalie Blake works with The College City as an online instructor. She has been blogging for about two years and loves it.

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