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Keep the Writing Light On

When was the last time you were in a room with energy-saving, motion-sensing lights? You know, the ones that turn off as soon as you get focused on what you’re reading or writing so that you have to flail your arms around to get the lights back on? It’s more recent than you think. In […]

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Are you a Brainy Writer?

You might be surprised – the answers to some of these questions may be counter-intuitive. You’ll have an advantage if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile or have read at least some of Around the Writer’s Block: Using Brain Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance. Let me know how you do on the quiz and […]

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I Almost Forgot to Tell You the Best Part!

I almost forgot to tell you the very best part of the new online version of Discovering Your Way Around the Writer’s Block class! The best part of the in-person Around the Writer’s Block classes (and the Writing Habit classes) has always been the weekly check-ins. This is when each student has a chance to […]

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Did You Forget Someone on Valentine’s Day?

I’m sure you remembered all the people you love – but did you remember your writer self? You know, the part of you that loves to write, but so rarely gets the chance to write what you’re truly passionate about in a way that is deeply satisfying. If you’ve slighted your writer self, a half-price […]

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Certainty is a Certain Route to Resistance

Don’t know where you’re going? Excellent! Not sure how you’ll get there? Outstanding! On your way anyway? Kudos! Know everything? My condolences. But take heart in the fact that you’ll be able to get back to not knowing eventually. Most resistance is caused by fear. And fear of the unknown is the biggest fear of […]

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Is Your Writing Stuck Because Your Brain has Plateaued?

By Sean D’Souza I’m delighted to introduce you to today’s guest blogger, Sean D’Souza, Chief Brain Auditor for Psychotactics. Sean is a fellow brain geek — fascinated by the human brain and able to translate what he discovers into engaging articles (as you’re about to see). He is the author of The Brain Audit—Why Customers […]

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Balance From A Stack of Cards: Guest Post by Susan Gaines Sevilla

One of my coaching clients is in an exciting and expansive place with her novel after years of feeling stuck. She has such wonderful insights, I asked her if she’d be willing to describe what’s working so well for her in a guest post. Since this post first appeared, Susan has made excellent progress and […]

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