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Creativity coach, writing and creative process instructor, speaker, author of Around the Writer's Block: Using Brain Science to Write the Way You Want (Penguin/Tarcher 2012) and Dancing in the Dragon's Den (Red Wheel Weiser), Teaching Artist at the Loft Literary Center.

I Almost Forgot to Tell You the Best Part!

I almost forgot to tell you the very best part of the new online version of Discovering Your Way Around the Writer’s Block class!

check-in canstockphoto1873204 (2)The best part of the in-person Around the Writer’s Block classes (and the Writing Habit classes) has always been the weekly check-ins.

This is when each student has a chance to tell supportive, encouraging witnesses what s/he committed to do for Process, Product Time and Self-care, what s/he actually did and how s/he feels about that. Without interruptions. Without judgment.

There is something profoundly powerful in listening to another person recognize that s/he can honor small commitments to simple practices and that those small commitments add up to the writing life s/he always wanted.

I wouldn’t consider offering an online version of Discover Your Way Around the Writer’s Block if we couldn’t have something equivalent. So I’m delighted with the new option in Loft’s online class environment that allows us to have audio-visual Live Chats via our webcams.

blackboard 2 (2)The Live Chats are similar to Skype. They’re not the same as in-person conversations, but for those of you who can’t commute to the Loft during typical class times, this is an exciting alternative.

If you have writer friends in other parts of the country who are confused, frustrated or feeling helpless about the push-pull of wanting to write but experiencing resistance (and maybe not even knowing what that resistance is), please let them know they still have a few days to register for Discovering Your Way Around the Writer’s Block.

Class starts next Monday, Feb 25. Location: wherever you are. Class times: whenever you’re available. Live Chats: 1 hour once a week alternating between Monday evenings and Tuesday mornings.

Please help spread the word! Thanks.


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