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“Heart’s Desire” Wins Final Drawing in Where’s Your Creative Brain Photo Contest

Karyn Milos won the final drawing in the Where’s Your Creative Brain Photo Contest with her “Heart’s Desire” entry. Karyn says her heart’s desire is to “create something amazing.” She’s working on a novel about a gay couple in the 1920s and 30s. Congratulations Karyn!I hope your free copy of Around the Writer’s Block will […]

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Don’t Know How to Start Writing? Don’t Let That Stop You!

Sometimes resistance is invisible because it disguises itself: “I’m not blocked, I just don’t know what to write about.” Sometimes it partially hides itself: “I’m not ready to write; I don’t know how or where to start. Not knowing is not a reason to stop writing! Simple Solution #1: Stop thinking of “writing time” and […]

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No Time to Write — Really?

Perhaps the most common belief that creates invisible resistance is “I don’t have time to write.” Simple Solution Give up the expectation that you need large blocks of time to write. Remember the power of 15 Magic Minutes. You will get far more accomplished showing up for your 15 Magic Minutes four or five times […]

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Like What You See?

If you appreciate what you read in BaneOfYourResistance (BOYR), please spread the word to your writer’s group, friends, colleagues, maybe even the writing comunity as a whole… I’m honored that Linda White nominated BYOR as one of Write to Done’s Top Ten Blogs for Writers. If you agree with Linda, please nominate BaneOfYourResistance again. To […]

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Is Your Writing Blocked by Invisible Resistance?

The most dangerous form of writer’s resistance is the resistance you can’t see. Until you realize “I’m avoiding my writing,” you can’t move forward. The best you can hope for is that you’ll blame your circumstances. The worst is that you’ll blame yourself. Invisible Resistance Checklist Unrecognized resistance starts with thoughts or beliefs like these: […]

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What to Do When Word Counts Don’t Count? Find Out in Free Writing Classes

You have your fingers on the keyboard or pen on the page in only 1 of the 6 stages of the creative process. So what do you do to move your writing project forward when you’re in the other 5 stages? Find out at the FREE 2-hour class Six Stages to Successfully Complete the Creative […]

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Brainy Barbie Wins Creative Brain Photo Contest

Jean Cook’s Brainy Barbie won this week’s drawing in the Where’s Your Creative Brain photo contest! Jean will receive a $15 gift card at her choice of our participating locations: Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis ArtReach Art Center, Stillwater, MN Subtext: A Bookstore, St. Paul Common Good Books, St. Paul Magers & Quinn, Minneapolis Valley Books, […]

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$66 to Replace Writing Resistance with a Writing Habit: Guest Post by BeccyJoy

Beccy is the author of beccyjoy, a blog she uses to share stories from her perspective as a young psychotherapist, Christian, mom, wife, writer and Minnesotan. Beccy posts focus on “having great relationships, motherhood, having awesome mental health, faith, saving money, being active, pursuing dreams, and understanding each other.” I’m honored to share Beccy’s observations […]

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When Word Counts Don’t Count

1,666 words a day. That’s all that matters if you’re doing NaNoWriMo. 2,000 words a day is the target if you’re Steven King. Challenging yourself to write a certain number of words a day can give you the incentive to break through resistance and get your butt in the chair. But word counts can work […]

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Breathe! Or No More Writing for You!

Have you ever delayed or interrupted your writing to check email? If so, chances are you have also postponed giving your writing your full or even partial attention until you get “caught up.” Well, don’t hold your breath! Literally. Stop holding your breath. You need to breathe! Now! Screen Apnea Most people temporarily hold their […]

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