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Creativity coach, writing and creative process instructor, speaker, author of Around the Writer's Block: Using Brain Science to Write the Way You Want (Penguin/Tarcher 2012) and Dancing in the Dragon's Den (Red Wheel Weiser), Teaching Artist at the Loft Literary Center.

Are You Ready to Solve Writer’s Block and Resistance?

dejected canstockphoto2065099 (2)True writer’s block — sustained periods of wanting and needing to write and being unable to — is rare. Most of us procrastinate or postpone starting or we distract ourselves as soon as we sit down so we don’t experience the agony of trying to write and finding we can’t.

Most writers experience other forms of resistance: we distract ourselves with social media or email, we perpetuate the myth that before we can write we have to clean the house or walk the dog or finish some other task, we keep ourselves too busy to write, we get stuck in endless research or endless rewrites of the first page, or we get really creative and devise a novel form of resistance.

Warning: These Writer’s Block Solutions Are NOT for Everyone

As prevalent as writer’s resistance is and as painful as writer’s block is, you might assume that effective solutions would be embraced by all writers. But Around the Writers’ Block in book form and the Discover Your Way Around the Writer’s Block class are NOT for every writer.

They are NOT for writers who:

  • would rather believe the myth that writer’s block and other forms of resistance are the result of the writer’s character flaws or bad luck than learn what’s going on in the brain to cause resistance
  • would rather wait passively until resistance goes away than take responsibility for solving it
  • talk passionately about writing, but would rather not get into the uncertainty that comes with actually showing up
  • believe that their challenges are unique and that their life is so complex that simple, easy-to-implement habits that work for thousands of other writers couldn’t possibly work for them
  • can’t see the value of discussing their struggles and celebrating their successes with other writers
  • are unwilling or unable to make and honor commitments to themselves.

sabotuerMost importantly, writers who are content to let their Saboteurs run (and ruin) their writing life shouldn’t even think of reading AWB or signing up for the Discover Your Way AWB class. You know your Saboteur — that’s the inner voice trying to convince you that you’re one of the writers this book and class are NOT meant for.

If learning who AWB and the class are NOT for has convinced you that my book IS for you, you can find it at most bookstores. If you’d like writing allies, encouragement, accountability and opportunities to ask questions as you work through AWB, you can still register for the Discover Your Way Around Writer’s Block class. But don’t delay — class starts June 9.

Pay no attention to your Saboteur’s claims that you don’t live close enough to the Loft or have a busy schedule and can’t get to a weekly class — this is an online class you can “attend” when it’s convenient for you.

If you think Discover Your Way Around the Writer’s Block MIGHT be for you, but you have questions, email me at Rosanne@ RosanneBane.com.

If this is not the class for you, you can still acquire the Three Recommended Habits and learn tools like Action Mapping to keep your writing moving forward in The Writing Habit class starting July 10. And there are plenty of other wonderful classes at the Loft to choose from.

Not sure which class to choose? Ask yourself or the instructor who the classes are NOT for.

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