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Creativity coach, writing and creative process instructor, speaker, author of Around the Writer's Block: Using Brain Science to Write the Way You Want (Penguin/Tarcher 2012) and Dancing in the Dragon's Den (Red Wheel Weiser), Teaching Artist at the Loft Literary Center.

2015 Top Ten Banes of Your Writing Resistance

top ten blogs for writers 2015 canstockphoto31115548 (2)I hope you’ve found “writing life hacks” or as I call them “banes to writing resistance” here. How many of the top ten most viewed posts do you recall? Hopefully you’ll agree that they all bear a second look.

#1 Neurology of Resistance: Limbic System vs. Cerebral Cortex

Originally published in May 2009, this classic is still the most viewed individual post. It opens with this quote from a student: “Before this class, I thought there was something wrong with me – that I must not really want to be a writer since I wasn’t writing. Now I know there’s neurological and psychological reasons for it and, even better, there are solutions!” Read more…

 #2 You Don’t Have to Write Everyday, But You Do Have to Track Everyday

You need to track your writing progress even on the days you don’t show up. Especially on the days you don’t show up. Read more…

#3 Another classic, the ever popular NaNoWriMo Random Scene Generator

A couple of years ago, I created a Random Scene Generator (RSG) as a birthday present for a friend to use when she wanted to kickstart her daily NaNoWriMo writing. Even if you aren’t doing NaNoWriMo, you can still play with the RSG. Read more…

woman coloring writers block#4 Bust Writer’s Block with the Adult Coloring Craze

The craze for adult coloring books (that is, books for adults to color, not adult-themed coloring books) put this post in the number 4 position: Process is a best-seller! The new craze of adults coloring with crayons and markers offers the added bonus of reducing resistance and releasing creativity. Read more…

#5 Fight Prolonged Resistance with Prolonged Persistence

This guest post from Sammi Soutar holds the number 5 spot in the 2015 line-up: For most of my writing life, I’ve had an uneasy relationship with my muse. Social media coined a phrase for this: “It’s complicated.” I go back and forth between the fear that “the end is nigh” and the hope that “the best is yet to come.” Read more…

#6 Goldilocks Your Way Through Resistance to Write Your Novel of Memoir

Too much structure or structure applied too soon in the writing process can weaken a novel or memoir by making it all head and no heart… Too little structure or structure applied too late in the writing process leads to rambling, inflated drafts that lose the reader amid dead ends and tangents that never go anywhere. Read more about the Just Right Solution…

#7 How to Make Writing as Easy as Brushing Your Teeth

My video reassuring you that if can manage to get your teeth brushed, you can write. Read/see more…

create new habit#8 From Commitment to Writing Habit

A sustainable writing habit is more important than luck or talent, more powerful than discipline or will power. Until you have a habit, however, you must rely on will power, which is limited. Read tips for converting commitment to habit…

Two Classics to Round out 2015’s Top Ten Banes of Your Writing Resistance

#9 Are You Sure It’s Feedback You Want?

When critique sessions go astray, it’s often because the writer only thought s/he was looking for observations about the piece. Below the level of conscious awareness, the writer wanted reassurance that s/he has what it takes, that s/he can write and should keep working at it. Read more…

#10 The Insomnia Cure for Writer’s Block

Insomnia: the frustrating and painful condition of wanting and needing to change your state of consciousness and being unable to do so.

Writer’s Block: the frustrating and painful condition of wanting and needing to change your state of consciousness and being unable to do so. Read more…

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