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Myths We Stall By: Guest Post by Joli Jensen

Today’s guest blogger Joli Jensen is the Hazel Rogers Professor of Communication and directs the Henneke Center Faculty Writing Program at the University of Tulsa. She shares insights based on 30 years of helping colleagues and students complete writing projects. She acknowledges that her suggestions are “also based on my own finely honed ability to […]

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Out-trashing the Saboteur: Guest Post by John George Drozdal

One of the reasons I appreciate working with John Drozdal is his sense of humor, especially when we talk about the Saboteur (see chapter 8 in AWB).  Like all of us, John got shoved around by his Saboteur for a long time without knowing what was happening. But once he found out what was going […]

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How To Let Go of What Others Think to Create Better Art: Guest Post by Joel D Canfield

Author and musician Joel D Canfield made such an intriguing comment on my last post on how people-pleasing interferes with writing that I invited him to expand that comment into this guest post. Joel is the author of eleven books and the Someday Box blog for those who want to get a book out of […]

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Yoga Cures Writer’s Block: Guest Post by L.Z. Marie

One of the best ways to move yourself out of writer’s block is to move yourself. Literally. Yoga is a delightful form of Self-care that offers the benefits of exercise and mediation. Today’s guest blogger, L.Z. Marie — author of the Merkabah series wherein cosmic mysteries meet ancient legends when an empathic professor and her […]

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$66 to Replace Writing Resistance with a Writing Habit: Guest Post by BeccyJoy

Beccy is the author of beccyjoy, a blog she uses to share stories from her perspective as a young psychotherapist, Christian, mom, wife, writer and Minnesotan. Beccy posts focus on “having great relationships, motherhood, having awesome mental health, faith, saving money, being active, pursuing dreams, and understanding each other.” I’m honored to share Beccy’s observations […]

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A Step-by-Step Editing Plan to Prevent Resistance Part 2 Guest Post by Mary Carroll Moore

Knowing what you’ll do when you start editing a manuscript reduces the resistance you might experience when you transition from drafting to editing. In our previous post, Mary Carroll Moore, author of Your Book Starts Here and a dozen other books, writing teacher, editor and book doctor (more about Mary), shared her insights in Steps […]

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A Step-by-Step Editing Plan Can Prevent Resistance Guest Post by Mary Carroll Moore

Of course resistance can arise at any stage, but many writers stall out in the transition from drafting to revising. Revising is so different from drafting, it’s not surprising if you find yourself postponing or looking for direction in unusual places, say your sock drawer or the back of your fridge. In this guest post […]

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Balance From A Stack of Cards: Guest Post by Susan Gaines Sevilla

One of my coaching clients is in an exciting and expansive place with her novel after years of feeling stuck. She has such wonderful insights, I asked her if she’d be willing to describe what’s working so well for her in a guest post. Since this post first appeared, Susan has made excellent progress and […]

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Writing, How Do I Resist Thee? Let Me Count the Ways… A Guest Post by Natalie Blake

Natalie Blake, an online instructor at the College City, shares her “field research” on the many forms of writing resistance. I stumbled on the Bane Of Your Resistance blog by accident, but after reading through her description of resistance, I decided Rosanne has been peeking over my shoulder. Boy, did she peg me but good! […]

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Silencing the Inner Critic – Guest Post by Kathy Keats

Agility is a wonderful source of surprising connections for me as a writer and coach (including finding a publisher for AWB at a dog agility trial.)  Kathy Keats is one of the marvelous people I’ve found through agility whose wisdom extends beyond agility. Kathy’s coaching applies to people who want to excel in any sport, […]

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