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Best Laid Writing Plans…

I planned to write a different post and publish it yesterday; I hadn’t planned to get vertigo. So instead, here are my musings on balance and the lack thereof. Observation: It’s difficult in the extreme to write when the room keeps spinning and the monitor jerks from side to side. It’s difficult to even stay […]

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Have You Caught the Writer’s Alleluia Lately?

By Rosanne Bane A fellow writer, who wants to remain anonymous, introduced me to the idea of catching the Alleluia. She in turn caught the idea from a choral director who, as she recalls, “told his students there is always an ‘Alleluia’ going on in the Universe and when you make your music right, you […]

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Sic Transit the Writing Life

In ancient Rome, when a general or emperor achieved a major success, he was celebrated with a parade, called a Triumphus, where he rode a chariot pulled by white horses through the city while the crowds cheered. Two servants (probably slaves, this was ancient Rome after all) rode in the chariot with him – one […]

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