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Where’s Your Creative Brain Prizes On the Way

If you haven’t sent your five entries to the Where’s Your Creative Brain photo contest, what are you waiting for? Your chances of winning one of these prizes are far greater than any lottery and you don’t even have to buy a ticket, just send a photo! (details on how to enter) Wednesday Oct 16, […]

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First Winner in Where’s Your Creative Brain Photo Contest Announced Soon

Wednesday September 18 someone will win a complete set of brainy pencils and brain erasers! Make sure you email your entries (up to 5) before noon on September 18 so you’ll be included in all the drawings! (contest description and rules) Entries received after September 18 will be eligible for later drawings. Let yourself be […]

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Where’s Your Brain Photo Contest

Where is your creative brain – either literally or figuratively?             Send a photo of your Pink Brain in: its usual place (on your desk, on a table at a coffee shop, or on a bookshelf) an unexpected, metaphorical or otherwise creative pose an exotic, beautiful or distant location – show […]

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Free Writer’s Conference and Book!

I’m honored and thrilled to deliver the keynote “Creativity and the 50 and Better Brain” at the Loft’s Creative Writing for Writers Aged 50 and Better conference on October 5. Is your 50 and better brain up to the creative challenge of writing? Absolutely! Your brain is changing, not deteriorating. Discover how to leverage the […]

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And The Winner Is…

The winner of the Worst Writing Resistance Ever contest and a free copy of Around the Writer’s Block is (drum roll) Curtis Freeman. Congratulations Curtis! An excerpt of Curtis’s entry: I would like to think I have had some pretty good ideas for a sci-fi story that takes place in the mountains. Characters, locations, plot, […]

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Worst Writing Resistance Ever Contest

Finally a writing contest where avoiding your writing pays off! Research shows that writing about painful experiences helps us move on. So why not enter this contest and get any lingering writing-related trauma out of your system. And a maybe win a free book. Tell us about your worst experience with resistance: a full-fledged writer’s […]

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This Writing Class Is NOT for Everyone

If you’re headed to the beach or out on the water this summer, you know you need sunscreen. But do you know that if you’re headed out on a writing adventure, you need to screen yourself to see which classes are right for you? A bad fit will waste your time at best and could […]

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Got Brains? Wanna Bet?

It seemed like a safe bet at the time… On one of those “bonus winter” days in April when everyone on Facebook was talking about the never-ending snow, I offered a free copy of Around the Writer’s Block to everyone in class if it snows in Stillwater, Minnesota on May 18 when I’m teaching Overcome […]

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I’m Going International! Wanna Come Along?

On May 9, I’ll travel (virtually, not literally) across the pond to the UK as a guest of the IACCW – International Association of Conscious and Creative Writers – to talk about What Conscious Writers Need to Know About Writer’s Block. Join Julia McCutchen and me at the live teleseminar (16:00 BST/11:00 am EST/10:00 am […]

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I Almost Forgot to Tell You the Best Part!

I almost forgot to tell you the very best part of the new online version of Discovering Your Way Around the Writer’s Block class! The best part of the in-person Around the Writer’s Block classes (and the Writing Habit classes) has always been the weekly check-ins. This is when each student has a chance to […]

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