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Are You Lost in Creativity or Lost in Cyberspace?

Is there a difference between a creative flow state (while writing or engaged in any other creative activity) and being lost in a digital trance (which could include being absorbed by TV, emails, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, shopping, etc.)? Both getting lost in the creative flow and letting digital media hypnotize you are engrossing trance states. Both totally absorb […]

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Dream the Ideal Balance of Outline and Draft

The three previous posts highlight the importance of scouting your route without over-scouting it. You want the benefits of knowing where you’re going so you don’t lay down tracks that keep leading you in the wrong direction without getting trapped in over-analysis, spending more time scouting than you do skiing/writing. If you fail to scout, […]

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Why Skiers and Writers Need to Scout the Route the Second Time

The previous post left you tangled up in your skies after you narrowly escaped the disaster of falling off the cliff only to crash into the smaller disaster of the spruce trees. This was your first draft. You pushed off too eagerly before you scouted the route. But hey, that’s what first drafts are supposed […]

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7 Reasons to Join Me in a Loft Class This Summer

You can stop feeling regret about not getting around to writing and start feeling proud of the progress you make! The rest of your summer will be so much more enjoyable because you’re taking action. I’ll read and respond to ten pages of your writing when you enroll in any of my Loft Summer Classes: Writing […]

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Good News! You Can Still Enter the Flow!

I told you my online Loft class, Entering the Flow, was scheduled to start yesterday, September 19, 2011, but I was mistaken. The class actually starts next Monday, September 26. This means you still have time to register! You can still join us as we explore how to enter the flow state — you know, […]

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Around the Writer’s Block Class Open for Enrollment

If you’ve enjoyed my blog or gleaned useful suggestions from it, you’re going to love the Around the Writer’s Block class!  This class will give you: A safe, supportive community with other writers who are ready to stop struggling with resistance and start writing the way they want Awareness of what’s happening in your brain […]

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Announcements for Minnesota Writers

  The Loft Literary Center invites you to the Open House  on Saturday, August 28 from 10 am to 1 pm at the Open Book, 1011 Washington Avenue, Minneapolis. You can attend mini-sessions with Loft instructors, chat with instructors at “Table-Talks” in the Commons, ask Loft staff members questions, have a little snack, and talk to […]

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Blending Both From the Very Beginning

By Rosanne Bane The most promising way I found to blend outlining with drafting is a technique that Robert Olen Butler describes in From Where You Dream. The best part about Butler’s approach is that you start blending from the very beginning, not after you’ve drafted hundreds of pages in multiple drafts or after you’ve […]

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